Transform your supply chain for superior performance and a competitive edge.

Ever-changing market conditions and strategies require supply chains to be reliable, responsive, and flexible. Expeditors’ Supply Chain Solution teams take it one-step further with sophisticated modeling, optimization, simulation, and data analysis tools that provide visibility to the potential of your supply chain in order to provide a competitive advantage. The Supply Chain Solutions group is comprised of experts in all aspects of supply chain management, data analysis, and modeling, who devote their time to helping customers extract higher levels of performance from their supply chains through a broad range of projects.

We believe the customer is central to our solution, and we focus on their business needs. Through workshops and interviews, we listen, ask questions, and learn before we act in order to deliver an optimal solution. Equally important, the solution will be a practical, deployable solution that our customers can execute. Expeditors Supply Chain Solutions group offers a wide array of solution design services that help our customers transform their operating model and harness the power of their supply chain.

Proven successful on more than 1,000 projects, we have developed a project methodology, our Supply Chain Project Lifecycle, which produces compelling results in an efficient manner. Our customers trust us to help them make data-based decisions with thoroughly considered risks and sensitivities that move them towards a best-in-class supply chain capable of meeting the complex challenges of today’s global marketplace.




Areas of focus and expertise:

  • Network design: Determine the optimal number of physical nodes and their locations, sizes, and activities to provide the best service at the lowest cost.
  • Transport optimization: Determine an optimal and agile network to cope with a dynamic world. 
  • Inventory analysis: Balance and optimize inventory levels across the network to achieve service levels to customers while working capital is minimized.
  • Carbon impact: Measure and improve the carbon footprint of a logistics network.
  • Process design: Apply lean principles and leverage automation to support customer requirements and sustain organizational development and growth.
  • Knowledge transfer: Gain extensive knowledge of supply chain & logistics practices with real life experiences.
  • Supply chain diagnostics: An in-depth, holistic, and quantifiable understanding of current state, goals, and objectives

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